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Introducing Martial Arts Technology. MAT is software for the martial arts industry. A member management system that understands how you want to run things.


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Everything a successful club needs

Martial Arts Technology

Feature packed to support all the important day to day operations within a busy club.

Clear Reporting

Financial information for any given month, year to date or year ahead so you know where you stand.

Prospect, Joiners & Leavers information all at your fingertips.

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Easy Payment Handling

Our link into the popular GoCardless direct debit provider makes collecting your regular training fees and one one off charges simple to manage. Everything can be done straight from a member record. When training fees arrive your records are automatically updated.

Other payment methods are also supported so if you are also taking cash or card this is no problem.

Clear reports and dashboards let you keep track of who has paid and what is outstanding.

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Advanced Automations

Automation can take much of the pain out of running your business.  By taking care of repetitive admin jobs for you and looking out for events in your business that you may need to deal with.  This may be a message sent to your members as a text or email or perhaps a task assigned to a member of staff to deal with.

Our support team will advise what is possible and help get things set up for you. You do not need to be an expert, we're here to help guide you.

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Still More Features

There's a whole lot more to MAT

Attendance Tracking

Progress Monitoring

Announcements and communications

Sales of clothing and equipment with order tracking facilities

Top level security

Licence renewals

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